Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Shampoo & Conditioner Guide

By Sabrina
Studio Artist

With the harsh season change our hair tends to take a major hit. We start to notice more breakage and dryness. It is important to change your shampoo/conditioner depending on how your hair looks and feels, because every shampoo/conditioner has different pH level.

The pH levels in shampoos depend on their ingredients. Good-quality shampoos have pH levels between pH 5 and pH 7. Your hair contains a natural oil called sebum. The pH level of this is pH 5. Anything significantly higher or lower than this will strip your hair of its natural oils. In shampoos, anything above pH 7 is alkaline and anything below is acidic.

Acceptable pH Level Variations
Shampoos fall in the middle of the pH scale since they are between pH 5 and pH 7. Conditioning shampoos have formulations that lower their pH levels a bit. This provides better care for your hair. Cleansing shampoos have a higher pH level because their ingredients are for cleaning stubborn residue on hair. Therefore, you may find shampoos with levels from pH 4 to pH 9.

Effect of High pH Levels
Shampoos that have high pH levels are alkaline, and this can remove natural oils that are present in the scalp. It can also result in the loosening of the substance that holds hair shafts together. While effects of such shampoos look promising with the first few uses, their effects will eventually make your hair dry and brittle.

Effects of Alkaline and Acidic Shampoos
The pH levels in clarifying shampoos are usually more alkaline to allow the hair shaft to open up for a thorough cleaning. You can use alkaline-based shampoos to soften your hair. Alkaline-based shampoos are also used in hair straightening.

Conditioners and moisturizing shampoos are acidic to allow the hair shaft to soften and better retain moisture.

The pH Levels for Dry Hair
Dry hair is the most difficult to look after. For dry hair, choose shampoos that have a low pH level. This means their level of acidity is higher. These types of shampoos allow your hair cuticles to open up and take in moisture. They also help your hair to retain moisture.

Pointers on pH Levels
Find a shampoo that lists its pH level. Whenever you see the words moisturizing or hydrating, understand that the pH levels are low. Shampoos can also undergo the litmus test. You can easily find scales to measure against online. Just dip a litmus paper in your shampoo and compare its color to the available chart.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Coming to MN in March: Maurice Stein's Corrective/Beauty and Special Effects Seminar

March 12-15, 2013

St. Paul, MN

Brett Dorrian and Maurice Stein have collaborated to bring Maurice's 4-day seminar to Minnesota this spring. Maurice is an Academy Award-winning Hollywood makeup artist and founder of Cinema Secrets professional cosmetics.

This is an ideal opportunity for makeup artists, salon artists, cosmetology students and teachers, theater students and teachers, and theater professionals to learn from an industry legend.

Be sure to check out our full brochure here.

The fee includes all four days of the seminar, ample practice time under Maurice's direction, professional certificate of completion, and a beauty and special effects makeup kit.

Email our studio coordinator at to inquire about special Midwest pricing and to reserve your spot. Enrollment is limited.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Apprentice Program: One-on-One or Small Group Education

The Apprentice Program offers basic media makeup and business classes. The Program is broken into areas of study within the Artist Series and the Career Coaching Series classes, covering the essential basic technical skills and business acumen every professional media makeup artist and entrepreneur must know. These basic classes are geared towards students just starting out, artists who need to complete their basic training, or salon professionals who need makeup training.

The Apprentice Program Artist Series Classes are largely organized as “look and learn” Artist Series sessions, providing demonstration, theory and plenty of Q&A. Students will have a full understanding of the why and how and learn short-cuts to technique and product knowledge. Students can choose to take just one or two classes, or the entire program. The “look and learn” method of instruction is organized to cover visual, verbal, and auditory learning styles. This method also allows for students to start their training and build their kit as they go. Only the Workshop Sessions under the Career Coaching Series require students to provide a kit for hands-on work.

Our program is organized such that students are able to choose which classes best suit their needs. Artist Series classes include:

Beauty Makeup Series 

* Class 1: Makeup Foundations 

* Class 2: Glamour and Fashion Trends 

* Class 3: Bridal Techniques 

* Class 4: Airbrush Basics 

* Class 5: 20th Century Vintage Makeup 

* Class 6: Mature Makeup and Men's Grooming

Studio Hairstyling Series 

* Class 1: Styling Foundations 

* Class 2: Bridal Trends 

* Class 3: Taming Textures 

* Class 4: Avant-Garde 

* Class 5: Vintage Hair

Character Series
* Class 1: Fantasy Characters 

* Class 2: Age Makeup 

* Class 3: Beard Work 

* Class 4: Wig Work 

* Class 5: Injuries 

* Class 6: Bald Caps 

* Class 7: Prosthetic Application

For class descriptions, visit our website.

Email to enroll.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Entrepreneurship in the Arts Business Consulting

We have a new career coaching option available for artists, entrepreneurs, and small business owners in any industry. Book Brett for a completely customized, one-on-one consulting session to help build your business.

Options available: 

* One 8-hour session, with a meal break 

* Two 4-hour sessions, to allow for a follow-up session at a later date

Sessions are customized to focus on any number of topics, ranging from branding and sales techniques, to social media marketing, to finance strategies and determining industry pricing.

For a complete range of topics and more information, visit our website.

Email to book a session.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Coming to MN in March: Crystal Wright's Packaging Your Portfolio Workshop

March 24-26, 2013

St. Paul, MN

Brett Dorrian and Crystal Wright have collaborated to bring Crystal's 3-day workshop to Minnesota this spring. Crystal is an internationally recognized expert on the subject of career building and marketing for beauty and styling industry professionals. Attendees of this special three-day seminar will learn the science and secrets of working for the media. It's a fantastic opportunity for makeup artists, hairstylists, wardrobe stylists, and others in the industry.

Be sure to check out our full brochure here.

The fee includes all three days of the seminar, as well as Crystal's book, a 78-page workshop handbook, guest speakers, professional certificate of completion (great resume builder!), catered breakfast and lunch each day, and more.

Email our studio coordinator at to inquire about our special Minnesota pricing and to reserve your spot. Enrollment is limited.