Friday, April 20, 2012

Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes - Ask the Experts: Sabrina

Why is it important to clean your makeup brushes?

Cleaning your brushes the proper way can prolong the life of your brushes and keep them and most importantly your face clean. Although we may not have time to clean them daily, cleaning them once a week can even be a huge success. Doing this can in rid them of:

*Old Makeup
*Dirt and Debris
*Dead Skin Cells

A huge benefit in regular cleaning is the softness of your bristles.
Also, if you can have more than one set of brushes, you can rotate them out during cleanings.

How to clean in 3 easy steps:
1) Pointing brushes hair bristles down, wet under lukewarm water.
2) Using a sulfate free shampoo or baby shampoo ( I prefer Burt's Bees)
gently rub shampoo through bristles on brushes still point down until your
water runs clear from the bristles.
3) Gently squeeze water out of bristles, rub on towel,reshape, and lay flat
on towel to dry.

Drying times will vary depending on the size of the brush and amount of bristles.

Be sure not to soak or get entire brush wet as this will loosen the glue holding the brush together.

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Tips for a Fresh Spring Look! Ask the Experts: Jamie

Spring is such a beautiful season; to me it represents newness and revival….coming out of the cold lifeless winter, moving into the sun and all things coming back to life.  Makeup trends tend to change with the seasons as well.  One thing to remember about makeup is that it’s makeup, and there isn’t just one look or trend to follow exactly.  The sky is the limit!  You can make any of these looks as subtle or as vibrant as you like, or combine a number of the looks together.

A fresh clean face paired with a bright lip is the first look to note.  Lip colors in oranges, such as tangerines and corals.  Also lip colors in pinks, hot pink to baby pink are hot this season.  Pastels are once again trending this spring, pair a fresh face with a pastel lip accentuated with silvery metallic and pastel eye shadows.  Gold metallic shadows would work nicely with corals, and other oranges.  Coral cheeks and cheeks that have color placed on them to look as though they are flushed from being active are being seen.  Those are some examples of color schemes for the season.

Some of the looks this season are geared towards minimalism, invisible makeup.  A full natural brow with bold, thick, long, and curled lashes will compliment this look very nicely.  You could even pair that with a cat eye liner for an even bolder look, which is also being seen a lot this season. 

I hope these tips will help you with your new spring look!!