Friday, March 16, 2012

Orange is the New Red- Spring Trend- Ask the Expert: Sarah

Favorite New Spring Trend!

Orange Lipstick!
If you are tired of having that pop of RED lipstick, or just looking for a different way to have a pop of color try a brighter shade of orange for lipstick! It’s eye-catching, it’s fun, and it’s EASY!
The best way to wear a brighter lip color is to keep the other parts of your face clean and natural. It will help the one color pop and it won’t seem too busy.

I personally like MAC's “Morange” Amplified Lip, its bright and very orange but with a few blots and a sheer lip gloss it’s great for a more subtle day color, too!

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New Product Recommendation- Ask the Expert: Jamie

I have recently found a couple of great new products that I would like to recommend!

The first is Poetic Waxing by Bliss.  These are waxing strips that are very easy to use.  All you do is warm the strips by rubbing in your hand, then wax, and hair is gone!  The kit comes with a soothing lotion that helps to take away any residue.  Here are some tips for this product…  You can cut the strips down to any size to customize.  And instead of using your hands to warm the strips, you can use a blow dryer since this will get the wax hotter, faster.

The second product is Voluminous False Fiber Lashes by L'OrĂ©al.  I am in love with this product, and added it to my working kit immediately!  It is a mascara that amplifies your lashes with the help of it's the super fine nylon and rayon fibers.  One application, or coat, looks great and adds volume and length, but apply 2-3 coats for a dramatic effect.  It really does look like I have lash extensions when I apply a few coats.  The formulation makes it easy to boost, extend, and sculpt your lashes.

Exfoliating Your Face- Ask the Expert: Sabrina

Most women cleanse their face, however tend to overlook how important it is to exfoliate as well. For the average person it is good to exfoliate at least twice a week, however that can vary depending on age and climate. Skin cells tend to have about a 30 day cycle. If old cells build up it can lead to blemishes, flat or dull appearance.  By exfoliating, you are rubbing away the dead layer of skin cells to reveal shiny, brighter skin. So it is possible to exfoliate too harshly and cause damage.

Facial scrubs tend to have tiny granules for scrubbing, be careful to avoid eyes and go in a gentle circular motion. Natural fruit based products are usually a great natural scrub. Or you can make your own scrub with about 2 tbsp of honey and 2 tbsp of sea salt apply to damp face and massage for 1-2 minutes. However if your skin is very dry try to avoid sea salt.

Facial gels are less abrasive and are usually better in cases with acne as it has no granules and is less irritating for the skin.

Also to help in daily exfoliating there are sonic or clarisonic face brushes that range in price from $50-$225 dollars. With these you want to use with a face cleanser and be careful to not press too hard and avoid the sensitive eye area.

Although exfoliating is an important step to add to your facial routine, it is just as important to be sure to use a good moisturizer or face cream afterwards and also apply a facial sunscreen as your skin is more susceptible to the sun. If you notice your skin is drying out too much, try exfoliating only once a week and if it is too oily try every other day!

Thanks and happy bright skin!

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Blinded by Your Legs- Quick Leg Tanning Solution- Ask the Expert: Jamie

Have you ever been in this bind?  I know I have! You are going to be wearing a dress and you've yet to show your legs to the sun, there is no time for the tanning booth, but you don't want to blind anyone with your glowing white legs.

Well here is an easy solution, Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs to the rescue!  I was a skeptic before I first tried it, but it is a fast solution, and it looks great! This is a very natural looking product and very easy to use.

All you do is spray some of the product in your hands, and rub it on your legs, make sure to apply to your ankles and feet, too. Then let the product dry for a couple of minutes, and wash your hands. Then voila!  Sun-kissed legs!  It comes in several shades from very light to dark, and you can find it at Wallgreen’s or wherever you can find Sally Hansen products.  The price is around $11.

The Importance of SPF- Ask the Expert: Sabrina

Experts say the number one cause of skin damage and aging is sun exposure.
Starting from as little as when you’re a baby. You can get skin damage whether it's summer or winter, or cloudy or sunny.  So, SPF should be worn year round. The deeper your tan is the more damage you’re doing to your skin.

To start, SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor.  Basically, what it does is determines the amount of time you can stay in the sun before burning.  So say you usually burn in about 10 minutes, if you wear SPF 15 you could stay in the sun approximately 15x longer. So 150 minutes before reapplying.  However, it does not consider water or sweat and in those conditions should be applied more frequently.

When looking for SPF you should always consider your skin type- like whether you want a cream with more moisturizer or not.  Also good things to consider are if the main ingredients are zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as these are natural mineral products with high protection and no chemicals.

One of my personal favorites for my face is Physical Fusion UV Defense by Skin Ceuticals.  It has SPF 50 water/sweat resistant, paraban and chemical-filter free.  Also it comes with a new universal tint!

Quick Teeth Whitening- Ask the Expert: Jamie

I read about this in an article, Anna Nichole Smith used to do this before she had a photo shoot.  And I'm sure many other stars have used this little trick too! 

All you need is some 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.  (There are many kinds of hydrogen peroxide, make sure it is this kind!)  You can order it online.  (That is the only downfall to this trick, is that not very many places carry this product.)  

This is a great product for Makeup Artists to carry around in their kit!  It is also good for models, or anyone who is photographed regularly.  And why not brides, too!!  Or anyone who just wants to brighten up their smile! 

All you need to do is saturate a cotton ball or Q-tip with the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and rub over each tooth.  Let this stay on your teeth for about 5-10 minutes, and then rinse your mouth well.  Your teeth will be noticeably whiter!