Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Featured in MN Bride Magazine

Check out our lovely bride, Heather, whose wedding was featured in MN Bride Magazine online.

Brett Dorrian provided services for the studio for Heather.



Monday, March 7, 2011

"Lucky You" St. Patty's Day Facebook Giveway

Official Announcement: Get your friends on here to "like" the studio page before next Thursday. We are doing a HUGE St. Patty's Day "Lucky You" day of give-aways to our FB fans on the page. More details to come. In the meantime, happy "liking." Cheers!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ask the Experts: Jamie- Lip Color That Stays Put

Here is a great little product that people may not know about. 
It's a clear lip liner that prevents lip color from bleeding. 
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil Ozone, is the one that I use. 
When you apply this you should put it on the outside of the lip line. 
Then apply your color lip liner on the lip line, and then your lipstick 
or gloss.  And presto, you have lip color that will stay 
where you want it! 
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Ask the Experts: Sabrina- What Colors Should You Wear?

Eyeshadow: Can anyone wear any color?
Let me start out by saying that I believe anyone can wear any color eyeshadow. However I do think certain colors will be more flattering and also think it depends on the intensity and your skins natural undertone. Under most circumstances the color wheel will show you complimentary colors for your specific eye color.
For Instance:   Green eyes - purple, pinks, reds
                      Blue eyes -oranges,copper, gold
                      Hazel eyes - warm tones, greens, bronze
                      Brown eyes -Browns, greens, bronze
                      Gray eyes - Grays and cool tones 
 On the other hand anyone can wear neutral earthy tones and with more fair skin should be applied in lighter shades or less intense whereas with darker skin should be darker tones and more intense.
Another great trick for picking a different more fun eyeshadow color try going into natural light and really looking at your eye and all the tiny hidden colors and feeding off of one of those. If your really unsure about a color but want to try something new then just do it as long as your complimenting your eye color and skin it will be beautiful.

Credit: Temptalia and The Beauty Blog

Ask the Experts: Stephanie- Flattering Photos

You are headed out of the house for a night of fun and looking good! You are wearing a great outfit with your hair styled and makeup applied.  Whether it is a night on the town with your girlfriends or to a formal event, in today’s world with Facebook, blogs, and other media websites, you will be photographed.  Here is a simple tip to avoid the dreaded “double chin” look in photos.  After all, we all want to look good in those fun pictures!

“To avoid a double chin in photographs, never let anyone shoot up at you.  Thrust your head and chin forward (not up) and make sure you are looking directly at or up to the photographer.  Try this in a mirror and watch that double chin disappear.” – Christopher Hopkins

                                                                          Photos from Real Simple

The Semple Mansion Wedding (Fair) Event

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Come and explore all 3 levels inside the mansion and discover many of the best local wedding professionals all under one very impressive roof!

wedding planners - photographers - floral - make-up - stationery - catering - fashion - and more!

Runway show 1: Posh Bridal Couture at 12:00
*makeup/hair by Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios

Runway show 2: Andrea's Vintage Bridal at 2:00
*makeup by Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios