Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ask the Experts: Sabrina- What Colors Should You Wear?

Eyeshadow: Can anyone wear any color?
Let me start out by saying that I believe anyone can wear any color eyeshadow. However I do think certain colors will be more flattering and also think it depends on the intensity and your skins natural undertone. Under most circumstances the color wheel will show you complimentary colors for your specific eye color.
For Instance:   Green eyes - purple, pinks, reds
                      Blue eyes -oranges,copper, gold
                      Hazel eyes - warm tones, greens, bronze
                      Brown eyes -Browns, greens, bronze
                      Gray eyes - Grays and cool tones 
 On the other hand anyone can wear neutral earthy tones and with more fair skin should be applied in lighter shades or less intense whereas with darker skin should be darker tones and more intense.
Another great trick for picking a different more fun eyeshadow color try going into natural light and really looking at your eye and all the tiny hidden colors and feeding off of one of those. If your really unsure about a color but want to try something new then just do it as long as your complimenting your eye color and skin it will be beautiful.

Credit: Temptalia and The Beauty Blog

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