Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Get Gorgeous Legs in Minutes - Ask the Expert: Jamie

Alright ladies, it's summertime and most of us will be showing off our legs at one point or another, so I wanted to share an article on how to create legs that look smoldering hot by using skin care techniques and makeup.

Scandalously Sexy Legs
Prep for this look by using a scrub to slough off the dry skin, which can clog your razor and prevent a close shave.

  1. Use a short-and-stout kabuki makeup brush to apply shave cream in circles. It mimics what barbers use to shave men’s faces, propping up hairs for a crisper cut.
  2. Shave legs in sections: front lower, front upper, back lower, back upper. Rinse the razor after every third swipe to keep it from clogging.
  3. Dry off and apply body bronzer (like St. Tropez One Night Only Instant Glow Body Lotion, $18) to legs. Add an extra layer to inner and outer zones to create a long, lean illusion.
  4. Finish with a few drops of body oil (like Fresh Sugar Body Oil, $45) down the center of your legs. The vertical sheen elongates the look of the legs even more.
(Excerpted from Cosmopolitan Magazine, June 2012, Scandalously Sexy Legs, featuring NYC dermatologist Dendy Engelman.)

I like to use Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs ($12.50) for the leg bronzer.  It comes in different shades, so you could get a bronzer that is a few shades darker for the outer areas. 

I hope these tips will help you proudly show off your gams the next time you wear that mini!

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