Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Getting a Custom Airbrush Spray Tan for Your Wedding

Many brides debate getting an airbrush spray tan before their wedding.  Who are the right clients for airbrush spray tanning?  Brides, grooms, and bridal parties who want to look like they've gotten some sun, but want to skip the harmful rays and the time to do so.  Who are they not for?  Folks who need to embrace their fair skin if, in their heart, they don't really want to look tan.  It's certainly a service that has become trendy and popular, but it's got to be the right fit for you to be the right look for you.    

I have a couple of examples below of brides from this season who did their trial-run appointment for hair and makeup design, and then after the fact decided to have a spray tan done.  So, on the day of the wedding, you can see what they're like a few shades darker.  

Here is a picture from a bridal trial-run design of makeup and hair:  

Here is a picture of the same bride on her wedding day after having a custom airbrush spray tan a couple of days prior to the wedding day (the lighting is a little darker and more yellow since it's indoors):

Here is another example of a summer bride at her trial-run makeup and hair design appointment:

And here she is with a spray tan done a couple of days prior to her wedding, on her wedding day (a little flush in the face from all of the excitement, but you can see the tan more true to color on her arms and chest):

{Here is the link to her full wedding by Ray + Kelly Photography}

If you're wondering if a spray tan is for you, consider these criteria in your decision making process:

1.  Hire an airbrush tan specialist - skip the tanning chambers at the bigger tanning salons.  By hiring an airbrush tanning artist, you will get a more custom color and more precise coverage wherever you do (or don't) need it.

2.  Have a trial-run tanning appointment before the week of the wedding.  The wedding week is no time to experiment with new services.  You will want to try out an airbrush spray tan 1-2 months prior to your wedding to ensure that it's the look you want for your big day.  If you like it, then book an appointment 2-3 days prior to your event.  

3.  Be sure to ask about the prep and aftercare instructions from your artist.  For example, if you exfoliate too much prior to an airbrush spray tan, the product has nothing to stick to and it won't look great; and if you exfoliate too much after the tan, you'll make it go away faster.  

4.  Plan for anywhere from 2-8 hours of no sweating, no showering, and looking a little funny while the product has time to set in for the tan to develop.  You probably want to do this on a day off from work.

5.  Be sure to get your manicure or pedicure before your spray tan- otherwise their process of soaking and scrubbing could remove your tan from your hands and feet.

6.  Plan to invest $50-85 per airbrush spray tan session with your artist.  These are approximate rates for Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, and they will range depending on the level of experience and the convenience of your appointment (i.e. in home vs. at a studio or salon).  Some providers offer a group rate for tanning parties.

At the end of the day, it's a great service to try out.  It's just like coloring your hair a few shades lighter or darker- you'll know if you love it and can't live without it or if you're good going au naturale.  

Happy tanning!



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