Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ask the Expert: Brett - New Makeup Show Tip of the Week

This one goes out to the artists out there- great new article posted by the Makeup Show for their tip of the week:

Tip of the Week: Applying and Carrying The Right Foundations

One of the most important decisions a makeup artist can make is deciding what foundations to carry in a kit and what foundations to use on a client.  Do not get caught up in the consumer mindset when making the choice of what you will carry with you. Know your clientele and keep them in mind while you build your kit.  Think about these simple tips, and you will save yourself a lot of money and make the right assessment in each situation.  When choosing which colors to carry, do not fall into the consumer trap of thinking you need to match a color straight from the bottle to the complexion. Mixing colors together until you get the perfect match is what separates the makeup artist from the makeup technician. If you have three yellow and three pink tone foundations in light, medium and dark shades in each type of foundation you carry, you will be able to mix and match each color to customize. I also carry primary colors white, brown and black pigment to deepen, darken or lighten any shade I need.  Think about formulation and why and when you would choose them.  Liquid foundations tend to be light to medium coverage.  Cream foundations tend to be the most versatile and can be sheered out or layered on for a range of coverage.  Powder foundations tend to be versatile in coverage depending on application, but traditionally it delivers a matte finish.  Mineral identified makeup lines have come a long way and can be an easy addition to any kit.  Always think about the base ingredients of the product you carry and make sure you have what you need to achieve any look. Oil base foundations can be made more matte by adding powder or dewier by adding moisturizer. Water bases tend to dry down fast but works well for sensitive skin. Silicone base foundations are difficult to make matte since silicon always returns to shine, but they are great for making skin look luminous.
Now look at your kit and ask yourself, if you have what you need for any situation, or if you are carrying way too much?

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