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Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios

Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios Got makeup/hair questions/dilemmas? Throw 'em at us and we'll give you the dish! Cheers!

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    • Jim Schweitzer Cowlicks. I have 'em. I hate 'em. They don't even behave in the face of heavy-duty product, instead demanding to stand apart from the crowd and be themselves, in all their nonconformist, sticking-straight-out "glory." I've pretty much given up, unless you have a better idea.
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    • Marie LeVoir Ljosenvoor What do you do about very fine very curly hair that is perpetually snarly and breaks when brushed? How do you make 15 year olds' hands look like old lady hands in a theatrical production?
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    • Stephanie Whiterabbit I seem to have lost alot of my curl after moving to CA. I think it is due to the non-existant humidity. Any recommendations on what to do?
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    • Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios Jim- it depends on your hair length as well as product. Most creams and pomades help tremendously in terms of adding weight and general texture to the cowlick to coax it into place. However, for the really stubborn ones, that is a job for your barber or stylist. They should be able to design a haircut (or growing out) plan that will help camouflage your cowlick into the look. Also, in general, longer hair naturally helps them tame because of the added weight and length- or at least gives the appearance of being more tame.
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    • Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios
      Marie- Curly hair is naturally dry and fine hair is prone to breakage and tangles. There are a few things to help out with this...make sure you're using a mild (sulfate-free if possible) shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. You can also ...add in a moisturizing gel to your wet hair routine. Also look for alcohol free products. Wood combs are better than plastic since the seam in plastic tools can also snag the hair. If you use a brush, use a plastic pin brush, not a bristle brush. Try to also only go through it when wet, not dry. Once in a while you can add some jojoba oil to it as a natural conditioner. If you want to be extra special, you can actually start sleeping on a satin pillowcase as well.See More
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    • Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios
      Marie - part deux- there are a few techniques good for aging. Cheap and easy is a "paint and powder" technique using your standard cream bases (like Ben Nye) and painting the highlights and shadows, blending, and powdering to help with wri...nkles. You can go a step further and get an alcohol palette (like Reel Creations or Temptu has one- activated with alcohol) to play with painting veins, and speckling age spots. If you want to take it one step further, get some old age latex and stipple on some layers over the paint and powder, like 2-3, while you stretch the skin. Let it dry all the way. And when you let it go, it tightens together like leather. Powder over for shine.See More
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    • Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios Stephanie- This one is a doozy! :) Hair changing texture can have a bit to do with weather and switching up hair product to lock in the moisture more. However, many studies have shown that it can also be due to genetics and hormones. Also, excessive heat from a blow dryer or flat iron could damage the hair with lasting effects when it's naturally curly.
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