Friday, March 16, 2012

The Importance of SPF- Ask the Expert: Sabrina

Experts say the number one cause of skin damage and aging is sun exposure.
Starting from as little as when you’re a baby. You can get skin damage whether it's summer or winter, or cloudy or sunny.  So, SPF should be worn year round. The deeper your tan is the more damage you’re doing to your skin.

To start, SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor.  Basically, what it does is determines the amount of time you can stay in the sun before burning.  So say you usually burn in about 10 minutes, if you wear SPF 15 you could stay in the sun approximately 15x longer. So 150 minutes before reapplying.  However, it does not consider water or sweat and in those conditions should be applied more frequently.

When looking for SPF you should always consider your skin type- like whether you want a cream with more moisturizer or not.  Also good things to consider are if the main ingredients are zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as these are natural mineral products with high protection and no chemicals.

One of my personal favorites for my face is Physical Fusion UV Defense by Skin Ceuticals.  It has SPF 50 water/sweat resistant, paraban and chemical-filter free.  Also it comes with a new universal tint!

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