Friday, September 14, 2012

Extending Your Summertime Glow - Ask the Expert: Jamie

Summertime is coming to an end and so are the days of sitting in the sun to catch some rays to give your skin that sun-kissed glow. But you don't have to sacrifice your bronzed look, even through the winter months. There is a much healthier way to maintain your sun-kissed skin year-round without putting it in the line of danger by exposing it to harmful UV rays. Organic airbrush tanning is the solution.

If you have never tried an airbrush tan you are missing out. This is not like the "booth spray tan" where you can get streaky and orange. We custom mix organic tanning solutions to best match your skin tone and then we apply the solution with an airbrush that is controlled by us.  So this really is a custom tan. We can see your skin and go over any spots that may not have enough solution and blend it to look fabulous on you, not leaving you hoping that the booth spray made it to all of the hard-to-reach areas.

The solution we use has bronzers and self-tanners in it for both instantaneous and long-lasting results. You will see the results right away from the bronzers, while your skin reacts to the self-tanners for about 8 hours. The colors look beautiful and very natural and will last for 7 to 10 days. One of my favorite things about the airbrush tan is that it's build-able, meaning that if you maintain it by having it done every week and a half to two weeks, it will get darker just like the natural progression of a tan from spending time in the sun.

So whether you are a bride, in a wedding, someone who is not ready to let go of their summer color, or just want to have a warm glow, airbrush tanning is the way to go! We tan by appointment at the St. Paul studio or at the location of your choice. Check out our website at for exact rates and/or to make an appointment.

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