Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Importance of Professional Hair and Makeup Services - Ask the Expert: Sabrina

As we all know sometimes people overlook the importance of professional hair and makeup services. I came across a great website,, that has some common misconceptions and thought I would share. I truly believe it’s important for any special event!

Here are a few things we have all said to ourselves and the reasons why you should trust and rely on someone with experience.

1. "I’ll do it myself because I know what looks good and what I like"
Most makeup artists will do a trial run with you ahead of time about what looks good and what look you are going for. They are professional and educated; they know all different types of faces and tricks for applications. Sometimes what we think looks good is just because it is what we are use to and what we know. A great makeup artist would never make you look entirely different on your wedding day, but she or he would make you look amazing for the photos. They will go through what color choices are right, and figure out what the best look is for your special day. 

2. "It’s too expensive"
You are spending money on the food, photography, dress, flowers, etc. In order for the photos to capture you looking the most radiant you will ever look, you should spend the money on your hair and makeup as well. It is expensive to acquire the proper tools and equipment to be in business. Professional services come at a price. You wouldn't let just anyone do your other professional services. This is no different. The photos are a different world when a professional does the bride’s makeup and hair. They even use the proper foundation for the perfect photo finish.

3. "It will be too dramatic"
It is better to go a little heavier on your makeup on your wedding day. The camera loves just a little more lash than usual and a shadow that will bring out your eye color in your close ups. A professional makeup artist would never go too dramatic or do something you don’t like. They will find the perfect balance between your everyday look, and your one-of-a-kind wedding day look.

4. "It takes too much time"
Professionals generally bring a team of other trained and trusted artists with them that they work with often. This allows them to do multiple faces and balance their time appropriately. They also do this every weekend so they know exactly how much time to budget for the bride, and they work very efficiently as they are super familiar with their tools and techniques. Professionals know their craft and always allow for the proper amount of time.

5. "My friend is really good at makeup – I’m just going to have her do it"
While your friend may do a decent job on herself and nights when you go out, this is your wedding day. This is a day when you don’t want to stress your friends or family out. This is a day when you don’t want to worry about anything. Leave it to the professionals. Again, not only do they have the right look for your special day picked out, they also have the proper timing and bring a confidence that allows other people to get ready at the same time as you and not have to worry about who is doing the bride’s makeup and how. Pamper yourself; it is worth it!

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