Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Hair Trends - Ask the Expert: Sabrina

As the weather gets colder we are all looking for our fall version of self expression. Whether it be with our hair color, makeup, or wardrobe. Here are a few of the latest fall hair trends that you can have done.

While some people are going for very vibrant reds or deep chocolate browns even us blondes can try a cooler, icy color with white highlights to complement our less bronzed skin tones and bring out the fall in our hair colors.

For styles, we are seeing a lot of bangs as a form of hair accessory as well as other hair embellishments and headbands. Women are doing very sleek, polished and perfect ponytails and deep side parts. We are also seeing some unexpected styles of hair knotting, bouffants, and braided headbands.

Enjoy being creative and trying new things with your hair, while still being polished or maintaining a bit of vintage flare.

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