Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Sparkle: How to Use Glitter to Add Something Special to Your Look

By Kristine 
Studio Artist

With Christmas and New Year's Eve right around the corner I wanted to share a few suggestions for one of my all time favorite products: GLITTER. Glitter is a great, easy way to add a bit of sparkle and fun to your holiday look.

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Product Suggestions 


Graftobian glitter - $3.99 for 1/8 oz. (Midwest Makeup Supply). This comes in a variety of colors; "Fuschia" is one of my favorites.

LA Splash splash proof sealer base - $6.99 (Ulta). It's colorless and comes in a tube with a sponge tip applicator for easy application.

Worth the splurge:

Lit glitter - $13 (Midwest Makeup Supply). I absolutely love the color "Beach Baby" for a fun twist on a natural look.

Make Up Forever star powder - $20 for 0.09 oz. (Sephora). This product is more of a high shimmer. "Black Gold" looks gorgeous with dark smokey eyes.

Lit clearly liquid glitter base - $23 for 30 ml (Midwest Makeup Supply). It's clear and comes in a square bottle to dip your brush into.

*All products have been approved for the use around eyes*

Application:  Yes, glitter tends to be a bit messy to apply but I've found this method of application to be least messy. When using glitter on your eyes make sure to do your eye makeup first before foundation. Tap out a small amount of glitter on a tissue, this will make clean-up easier since you can just throw it away after use. Apply a glitter adhesive to the desired area. Glitter adhesive can also be used as a mixing medium to create glitter eyeliner. Use a dense shadow brush and dab it into the glitter. Then use a gentle patting motion to pack the product onto the adhesive. Do not use a sweeping motion because it will create a large mess, since the product won't stick to the adhesive as well. Use a large, fluffy powder brush to sweep away any excess glitter that falls out underneath your eyes, and then follow up with your regular foundation and concealer routine.

You can also incorporate rhinestones from a craft store for more creative looks. Use eyelash glue to adhere the rhinestones. I wouldn't recommend putting the rhinestones on your eyelids. These are meant to be used on skin and body (i.e. cheeks and outer corner of eye).

Removal:  The best way to remove eye glitter is to soak the glitter with a bit of warm water followed up with an eye makeup remover (such as Bobbi Brown long wear eye makeup remover, $24) or a gentle facial cleanser for your particular skin type if used on skin. Rinse until all of the glitter, adhesive, and residue is gone.

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