Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Apprentice Program: One-on-One or Small Group Education

The Apprentice Program offers basic media makeup and business classes. The Program is broken into areas of study within the Artist Series and the Career Coaching Series classes, covering the essential basic technical skills and business acumen every professional media makeup artist and entrepreneur must know. These basic classes are geared towards students just starting out, artists who need to complete their basic training, or salon professionals who need makeup training.

The Apprentice Program Artist Series Classes are largely organized as “look and learn” Artist Series sessions, providing demonstration, theory and plenty of Q&A. Students will have a full understanding of the why and how and learn short-cuts to technique and product knowledge. Students can choose to take just one or two classes, or the entire program. The “look and learn” method of instruction is organized to cover visual, verbal, and auditory learning styles. This method also allows for students to start their training and build their kit as they go. Only the Workshop Sessions under the Career Coaching Series require students to provide a kit for hands-on work.

Our program is organized such that students are able to choose which classes best suit their needs. Artist Series classes include:

Beauty Makeup Series 

* Class 1: Makeup Foundations 

* Class 2: Glamour and Fashion Trends 

* Class 3: Bridal Techniques 

* Class 4: Airbrush Basics 

* Class 5: 20th Century Vintage Makeup 

* Class 6: Mature Makeup and Men's Grooming

Studio Hairstyling Series 

* Class 1: Styling Foundations 

* Class 2: Bridal Trends 

* Class 3: Taming Textures 

* Class 4: Avant-Garde 

* Class 5: Vintage Hair

Character Series
* Class 1: Fantasy Characters 

* Class 2: Age Makeup 

* Class 3: Beard Work 

* Class 4: Wig Work 

* Class 5: Injuries 

* Class 6: Bald Caps 

* Class 7: Prosthetic Application

For class descriptions, visit our website.

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