Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ask the Experts: Doryne- Article Find on Mineral Makeups

Ever wondered what makes a great mineral makeup?  Check out this article find of Doryne's, entitled, "Why Preservatives Make a Better Mineral Makeup" by Sam Dhatt.

It begins:
"Today’s women demand more from their skin care products—and makeup—than ever before. In particular, the anti-aging boom of the past decade has brought skin function into sharp focus for discerning consumers.

Makeup and skin care products now are seen by many in a long-term context, as part of a lifelong strategy to prevent and minimize damage and wear to the skin. And thus, women have grown increasingly wary of cosmetic ingredients, including the preservatives commonly used to keep the products fresh, free of spoilage and perfectly blended for product consistency...."

Read the entire article at:


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