Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thank You Shout Out to: Carrie's Custom Catering & Shindig Diva

A huge THANK YOU to Carrie's Custom Catering & the Shindig Diva for their assistance in providing some absolutely beautiful and amazingly delicious displayed desserts for the studio's open house during the White Saturday Sale (after Thanksgiving) at the Semple Mansion (where we're located).  

Carrie made gluten-free coconut macaroons (to die for), french vanilla cupcakes (hit the spot), and the cutest bridal-gown-esque sugar cookies for our bridal sale event. 

Carrie's Custom Catering does all of the food creation and the Shindig Diva provides the set-up and decor to make the spread perfect for the occasion.  I highly recommend them for any event- large or small.

And I have to mention- the darn cake pops from our Grand Opening Gala Carrie made are still being raved about and sought after.  I will start with a gratuitous cake pop image to reminisce over...and then I shall move onto the images from the sale event spread. 



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