Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ask the Experts: Stephanie- Choosing the Right Lip Color

New Year's Beauty Resolution: Choosing the right lip color

There are a couple things to consider when selecting a lip color that works for you.  Skin tone and lip size.
You can categorize skin tone in 4 groups:  Fair, medium, olive, and ebony.  The ideal lip color will complement your skin tone by bringing life and a healthy look to your face. 

For example, women with fair skin tones would not wear deep brown lipstick since it would look unnatural and drab, just as ebony skin tones would not wear frosty pale lip shades because it would look unnatural and artificial.

Yes, size does matter!  If you have full, gorgeous lips, you are able to wear darker colors that complement your skin tone.  If you have thin lips, lighter shades will work best as they create a fuller more youthful look.

 Here are some suggestions to help you find you right shade of lipstick: 


One more tip:  Keep in mind...Dark lip colors can have an aging effect on the face.  So don't hesitate to lighten up! 

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