Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Masters II Makeup Training- Joe Blasco

I was given a scholarship to attend Joe Blasco's East Campus in Orlando, FL for 8 months to receive a Masters II Diploma. Masters II is an 800-Hour program covering everything from beauty, airbrushing, character, and wigs/beards, to injuries, advanced prosthetics, monsters, sculpture and more. We are also learning additional aspects of the industry such as cosmetics chemistry, how to be a Dept. Head on a film (budgeting, hiring, and spreadsheets galore!), and the business of freelancing. There will be more as we go along, as well. The program is designed to be a unique apprenticeship experience, studying under multiple masters in the industry. So far, I have been lucky enough to study under Dyana Aives for beauty and airbrushing and Kim Greene for Dept. Heading and the business of films.

I have been in FL for almost 2 months. My program spans from February 1st-September 22nd, 2010. I have a handful of wedding and photo shoot clients I'm flying back and forth for in the '10 season, and have been lucky enough to network in FL for some makeup/hair and photography clients. It's super difficult to be away from home, but The Dorrian is a phenomenal support and I couldn't do any of this without him. I'm glad we both believe in following dreams. :)

More details to come...



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