Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vintage Glamour...Why I Can't Get Enough

Vintage Glam...May just be one of the most perfect styles. It's classic, yet can have a modern twist. It pulls out a genuine beauty and sex appeal from every woman when they step into those shoes with their style. My model was a seemingly run of the mill, pretty young woman (as you can see in the before picture); however, once I began sculpting the 1940's to her structure, a whole new essence began to appear. Feminine qualities of simple, honest beauty emerge when painted as a vintage beauty. And (of course), period makeup does not come to life until vintage hair is added into the mix.

This look is appropriate for events, stylized bridal looks, boudoir sessions and more...I think you need to get your glam on today! (Shameless plug: personal styling lessons are available).



Photo credit and copyright: Brett Dorrian Artistry

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