Thursday, April 8, 2010

Boudoir Photography and Styling

I have worked with Jennifer Wheeler of Serendipity Photography for a few years now. She is a brilliant photographer and wonderful artistic collaborator. She and I often will build a photo shoot concept with one another to make artistic and image dreams come true, not only for ourselves, but for our clients. I highly recommend Jen for your boudoir needs. You can check out more at

The styling that I do for boudoir is much like the attitude of the picture: classic and artistic. I often merge to vintage styling since period hair with a red lip always, ALWAYS, looks classic, smoldering, and powerful. I like the client's personality and style of wardrobe to inform the feeling and vibe of the styling. Sometimes the look is vintage, sometimes modern glam- whatever your style, I find the embodiment of how you want to play out your shoot.

Boudoir sessions are highly empowering and absolutely perfect gifts for anniversaries, upcoming weddings, valentine's day, birthdays, or hey, just because it's a Tuesday and you're being the woman you know you are on the inside: confident, beautiful, and vibrant.

At some point, you know handing your significant other a small album or bedside print of your most sexy self is a swell idea. So, get your sexy on.



*Click on the post title to link to the website for Jen's work. :)

Photo credit and copyright: Jennifer Wheeler with Serendipity Photography

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