Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rock the Dress (Rather than Trash the Dress) Sessions

Abbey Feldkamp is an up and coming, quietly quirky and genuine photographer totally rockin' the Rock the Dress sessions. She offers many types of photography for private clients, but I had the opportunity to collaborate on a client's styling for her wedding, and for her Rock the Dress session.

The client chose a Rock the Dress rather than Trash the Dress since:
A. who wants to trash the dress, really?
B. her dress was vintage and belonged to her grandmother.
C. Repeat letter "B."

I did a '40's inspired makeup and hair 'do encompassing details from a few favorite decades to pull together a very classic look for Brittany's wedding. Since the Rock the Dress is a session meant for a bit more daring look, location, and vibe than the wedding day, I went for a '60's cat eye and bouffant styling to create a flirty and fun look that still had flare and class.

The switch from the day-of images to a specialty photo shoot can be fall under any category- different hair style or makeup, different location, vibe, feeling, and/or just a specialty shoot for extra bride and groom sessions.

It is really fortunate to collaborate on these sessions with the same photographer and stylist if possible to build on the artistry consistently.

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Photo credit and copyright: Abbey Feldkamp Photography

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